A Fish Named Fred Travel Check Blazer | Navy Oscar

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This blazer that will have you feeling like a fish out of water - in a good way! the travel blazer has got you covered. So why settle for a boring old blazer when you can make a statement. The travel fabric is light, wrinkle free and easy to wear On the outside, it may just look like a classic blazer, but on the inside, you'll find a hidden print design - this design has been integrated in the lining of the blazer and in the lining of the breast pocket. This same print has been used in multiple products including a shirt and in the lining of a waistcoat. The buttons have A fish named Fred engraved on them. Every blazer has the signature hook on the lapel, it shows you're a good catch! This blazer is perfect for men who want to wear something special with a touch of Fred. Life is too short to be average, so don't pick that average blazer!